AMC Rock Climbing 7/14/14

Yesterday I enjoyed another day on the rocks with an AMC Camp Group. This group in particular loved the teamwork involved with belaying and back-up belays. From carrying ropes to the cliff to helping each other with belays and support this was a really great group to work with. And the weather! We are really … Continue reading AMC Rock Climbing 7/14/14

Camp Robindel Rock Climbing 7/11/14

Last Friday I had a blast with the amazing girls from Camp Robindel. This is the 2nd year this camp has sent a group of campers to us for some rock climbing instruction and I've been lucky to guide them both times. These 11 year old girls spend 7 weeks at this camp, and despite having … Continue reading Camp Robindel Rock Climbing 7/11/14

Customer Service Team Outing

A bunch of EMS Basecampers came up last week for a winter version of the “Climbapalooza” we did last summer. One day of ice climbing and an ascent of Mount Washington makes up this “Swing & Summit” adventure. I put together a quick recap of the two days using iMovie. Enjoy!