Family Rock Climbing

Yesterday was one of the most fun guiding days as I got to introduce 3 amazing kiddos to their first outdoor rock climbing experience. David, their father, had considerable previous climbing experience but was coming off a long hiatus and thought a guided trip might be the best way to get the kiddos climbing on … Continue reading Family Rock Climbing

Family Rock Climbing 8/7/16

Really fun day today climbing with this family from Austin, Texas! The Weaver's are adventurers extraordinaire and were wrapping up a 3 week trip in New England before heading back south. Fresh off some intense downhill mountain biking the day before they were ready to rock. We started out day over at Whitehorse Ledge under … Continue reading Family Rock Climbing 8/7/16

Rock Climbing Summer So Far…

It's been a great summer so far with lots of families & camp groups climbing with EMS Schools. I haven't done as many individual trip reports as most of my free computer time has been spent on reviewing some of the coolest new packs & gear on the market. Hope everyone has been enjoying the … Continue reading Rock Climbing Summer So Far…

AMC Teen Wilderness Camp and Private Rock Climbing

Last week I got to spend three great days with 6 kids in the AMC Teen Wilderness Program and yesterday with Kathy and Carl in a Private Rock Climbing Course. On the first day of the AMC Program we started at the Classroom and practiced some movement skills. After the bouldering session everyone experienced a few … Continue reading AMC Teen Wilderness Camp and Private Rock Climbing

2 Day Private Rock Climbing

Dillan and Cole have been putting in time in the climbing gym and chomping at the bit to get climbing outside. To that end they joined me for a 2 Day Private Rock Climbing course that ended today. It was my first rock guiding days of the season and the motivation was high all around. We covered … Continue reading 2 Day Private Rock Climbing

AMC Rock Climbing 7/14/14

Yesterday I enjoyed another day on the rocks with an AMC Camp Group. This group in particular loved the teamwork involved with belaying and back-up belays. From carrying ropes to the cliff to helping each other with belays and support this was a really great group to work with. And the weather! We are really … Continue reading AMC Rock Climbing 7/14/14

Camp Robindel Rock Climbing 7/11/14

Last Friday I had a blast with the amazing girls from Camp Robindel. This is the 2nd year this camp has sent a group of campers to us for some rock climbing instruction and I've been lucky to guide them both times. These 11 year old girls spend 7 weeks at this camp, and despite having … Continue reading Camp Robindel Rock Climbing 7/11/14