AMC Rock Climbing 7/14/14

Yesterday I enjoyed another day on the rocks with an AMC Camp Group. This group in particular loved the teamwork involved with belaying and back-up belays. From carrying ropes to the cliff to helping each other with belays and support this was a really great group to work with. And the weather! We are really having a great climbing season this year, knock on wood!

Camp Robindel Rock Climbing 7/11/14

Last Friday I had a blast with the amazing girls from Camp Robindel. This is the 2nd year this camp has sent a group of campers┬áto us for some rock climbing instruction and I’ve been lucky to guide them both times. These 11 year old girls spend 7 weeks at this camp, and despite having only been there for about a week I could tell how quickly camp builds friendships and bonds. They were super supportive of each other while climbing, belaying, and rappelling. I look forward to seeing the next group they send us!


Square Ledge Group Climbing Program

We had a large group of kids from CT today for a day of basic rock climbing. After gearing up we headed up to Square Ledge in Pinkham Notch. These teenagers were quite supportive of each other throughout the process, helping with knots, providing solid back-up belays, and encouragement when fear of heights reared it’s head. Despite little sunshine the weather was nice and everyone got a few climbs in and a rappel.