Family Rock Climbing Program 8/29/2012

Eric, Carol, Jack, and Sam decided to spend the last day of their summer vacation doing something truly memorable… rock climbing! We met at that climbing school and geared up.

Ready to go!
Whitehorse Ledge, Echo Lake State Pack, New Hampshire!

We started the day off with a quick 2 pitches on the slabs. 300 feet up the boys decided that was high enough for their 1st climb and we headed back down.

Carol and Jack heading back down from “The Toilet Bowl”
Eric and Sam heading back down from “The Toilet Bowl”

After a snack we headed over to the Echo Roof Area for some fun top-roping.

Sam finding his way up “Holy Land 5.6” at the Echo Roof area…
Carol belays while Eric and Jack strategize
Jack finds the next foothold while Echo Roof looms overhead
Sam takes a breather
Jack shows off his climbing gear
Is that Sam way up there?
Eric gets his turn
The boys enjoy the impromptu swing I created

Perfect weather, motivated family, great climbing… it doesn’t get much better. A couple times during the day Carol inquired about what they should do next in order to continue their new found family sport of rock climbing. After suggesting books and logical steps I decided I needed to add something to this blog to help address that question, and will be adding some helpful links in the near future. I created this page to address that question, of “What next?”, along with some shameless self-promotion. I’ll add a “continued ed/suggested reading section” in the near future as time allows. Until then, I leave you this short clip of 6 year old Sam enjoying the joys of rock climbing;

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