Ice Climbing at the North End 2/6/16

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of taking Alex, Ben, and Eric ice climbing at The North End of Cathedral Ledge for a Winter Climbing 101 Program. We spent much of the day with another EMS Schools group taking the same course led by EMS Guide Cheyenne Chaffee.

EMS Climbing School
Cheyenne explains the differences between various types of traction devices and crampons

After some not-so-fast self arrest practice on the Cathedral Ledge Auto-road we started working on our footwork.

EMS Climbing School
Chaffee demonstrates the differences between “French Technique” “German Technique” and front-pointing
EMS Climbing School
Ben tackles some steeper ice armed with footwork and sharp tools
EMS Climbing School
A participant shakes out
EMS Climbing School
Nearby EMS Guide Keith Moon instructs a Private Ice Climbing Lesson
Alex takes a break halfway up the North End Pillars

While the North End Slab & Pillars were quite mobbed for most the day with the Ice Fest going on there was plenty of ice for us to play on. The ice to the right of Thresher has come in quite well this year, and survived the multiple thaws we have dealt with, providing a great spot to learn the basics without trying to thread the needle with a half dozen ropes on the Pillars. At the end of the day everyone was content with the mileage they had put in and we hope to see some return for the next step, either Mountaineering 201 or Ice Climbing 201.

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See you in the mountains,


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