2012 Climb Convergence

If you don’t work for EMS you probably don’t know what the Climbing Convergence is. Technically, it’s staff training, but “staff training” does not begin to describe 160 employees from 60+ stores getting together in the heart of the White Mountains for 2 full days of climbing, clinics, training, hiking, cook-outs, camping, bonfires, slacking, and stuffing pockets with swag while perusing a vendor village.

Tent City at Great Glen, at the base of the Mount Washington Auto Road

My part in the event was limited to one day at Cathedral Ledge, but it was enough to sense the kind of camaraderie folks who work for EMS share.

Ethan and Sara setting up at “the classroom”
One of the anchor clinics I taught during the day- Photo by Dave Karl of http://www.skyambitions.com
Keith and Ethan teaching belay escapes and some self-rescue skills…
Anyone know what kind of snake this is?
Lunch break at the base of the cliff
Keith being Keith

It is very cool to work with a company that takes authentic training like this so seriously. Sometimes I don’t think my own family understands. We LOVE what we do. It’s not just “retail”. It’s sharing a lifestyle, a healthy lifestyle, with our customers. Climbing, hiking, kayaking, biking, ice climbing, backcountry skiing… these are the sports we represent, and these are our own personal passions. And our company puts events like this together to help us outfit our customers so they can enjoy these pursuits as much as we do… It just doesn’t get any better!

3 thoughts on “2012 Climb Convergence

  1. EMS holds a special place in our hearts. I always try to use EMS first when looking for gear. Our first time ever on a rope was Mountaineering 101. What started as a novel Christmas gift blossomed into a passion. I drank too much at New England Inn the night before, was half late, and hungover all day; but something clicked. I have to give EMS credit for helping me find that. I also feel an affinity toward the brand simply because it represents New England. When climbing in other parts of the country, it becomes an identity thing. Even as a kid, we always went to the EMS up the street in Stamford. One of my favorite t-shirts to wear in Ouray. http://postimage.org/image/bcmub7fcv/full/

    First time on a top rope 12/11/10. Mountaineering 101 with Jon, Charlie and Sara. This was a Christmas gift and I don’t think Laura or I knew what to expect which is why we drank a bit much the night before. I believe this is “Lost In The Woods” and I wanted to try it with a mountaineering ax. This was the start of my ice climbing addiction. .

    Laura and Conrad descending on an exceptionally beautiful day. We were inexperienced and so slow, we got passed by another EMS team lead by Sara and she hid some micro spikes on the walkout to get us moving before dark. Hard to believe that within a few weeks later we’ll be finishing our 48 (many in winter) with a presi traverse.


    • Thanks for sharing! I started working for EMS in 1994 when I was just 16. After a 4 year stint in the Marines I came right back to work for them at 22, twelve years ago! It’s an excellent company and has certainly defined the majority of who I am today. Your story and pics remind me why I love working here! Keep getting after it and I hope to cross paths with you on the mountain or cliffs soon!


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