Hitchcock Gully

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of introducing NYC brothers Chris and Greg to the joys of winter mountaineering. We had a blast climbing at Cathedral Ledge and Mt. Willard, so much so that I made a short iMovie video of the day:


Greg came back yesterday for more, and we geared up and returned to Mt. Willard. This time, for Hitchcock Gully. The day didn’t go completely perfect… Lunch? Missing. Ice axe? Dropped on lower Hitchcock (and recovered) Post-hole hell on the top out? Check!

Despite the small setbacks we had an amazing day! The ice was great (the de-thawed moss not so much), weather great, conversation great, and the post climb beer great.

Good to see you again Greg. Now get that speeding ticket taken care of and see you up here next time!

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