Group Rock Climbing- Marianopolis

This is the 2nd year in a row I’ve gotten to work with the kids & faculty of the Connecticut based Marianopolis Preparatory School. These motivated teens loaded into a bus in the wee morning hours yesterday for a four hour ride up to Mount Washington Valley for their first taste of rock climbing. Keith & I took the group to the Thin Air Face and the kids & chaperons climbed the routes we set up as many times as their motivation and strength allowed them.

EMS Climbing School
A student attentively belays
EMS Climbing School
Showing some serious athleticism with that high step
Ortovox Trad 25 Pack
My first day testing the Ortovox Trad 25 pack, review coming next month

After everyone had their fill of climbing we had a little time to spare before the bus would return so we decided to bushwhack over to Diana’s Baths. It’s really a short walk over to this beautiful area and the kids had a blast.

EMS Climbing School
We don’t need no stinking trails
EMS Climbing School
Exploring the falls
EMS Climbing School
Group picture

After the bus arrived a quick trip to the top of the cliff rewarded them with a nice rainbow over the valley.

EMS Climbing School
We live in an amazing place

It was a pleasure introducing this diverse group of students to rock climbing (and bushwhacking for that matter). One of the students texted her mom in China to show her what she was doing and it was comical to see her mother text back so quickly with “put the phone away and pay attention!” I’m looking forward to the next time they come and climb with us.

See you in the mountains,


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