Self Rescue Course

Yesterday I spent the day with Christopher and Laura at Cathedral Ledge covering the topic of self-rescue. By taking this course they’ve started a process of becoming self-sufficient and self-reliant climbers. Access to climbing gyms and to climbing clubs in almost every state has allowed people to learn the basis of rock climbing quite quickly, but often new (and old) climbers don’t take the time to master a few basic skills that could get them out of jam much faster than waiting for a professional rescue to take place. The actual skills one should be fluent with if they aspire to be self-sufficient are;

Belay Escapes – Hauling Systems – Rope Ascension – Counter-balance Rappels – Belayed Lowering

Laura utilizing a 3:1 improvised haul to help Chris through a crux move
Ready to haul
We also covered some belay station management issues during the day
Learning a counter-balance rappel after ascending the rope to get the mock-injured leader after an accident

Knowing these skills can prevent chilly nights on ledges while waiting for help, and increase your climbing proficiency as you add some tricks to your bag.

The methods I use to teach these skills are practical, hands-on, comprehensive, and adapted to your own pace. If you have any questions about the real-life applications of these skills or the course in general, please let me know.

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