10th Avalanche Course of the Season

Despite the record breaking warm temps and early arrival of our Spring snowpack we finished another avalanche course yesterday. After a day in Crawford Notch we hopped the high speed quad on Wildcat Mountain and were actually able to see some layers in the snow off the south side of the summit. Lots of old MF Crusts still visible in the very dense wet snow.

For our ski tour the next day we headed to the familiar, but now heavily traveled, Tuckerman Ravine trail.

1st break on the Tuckerman Ravine Trail
Continuing up the busy Tuckerman Trail
Busy HoJo's
Skinning up Hillman’s Highway
Re-grouped at the top of the “Christmas Tree"
Kicking steps as the angle increases
Top of Hillman’s Highway
Choosing our line
Looking up Hillman’s Highway
Re-grouped at the bottom of the gully

Despite the low avalanche danger we got to manage some typical spring-time hazards like loose wet snow surface slides, avoiding fall-line’s of falling ice, route-finding, etc. The

The Sherburne Ski Trail was barely skiable at the bottom, with a few mandatory mud turns needed.

2 thoughts on “10th Avalanche Course of the Season

  1. Thanks for a great weekend and trip up Tucks, Dave. Lots of info to digest and think about while I’m dreaming about snow over the summer
    – John Giffune


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