Finally it snowed!

10+ inches of snow graced us for our 7th Avalanche Course this season. Hermit Lake picked up 13 inches and the conditions were ripe for an avalanche course.  Seven aspirant backcountry travelers joined us for a few days of snow study and risk management discussion.

Day 3’s morning trip planning session
Snow stuck to the trees on the Tuckerman Ravine Trail
Very large crown line visible from Sluice to Chute
Reassessing at Hermit Lake
Conditions for the day
Hillman’s Highway was a bit blustery
Skinning up to Little Headwall
Little Headwall where we conducted some snowpack tests

Other than seeing the obvious recent avalanche activity in the bowl and the cornicing near Hillmans we got some pretty positive results on the Little Headwall while conducting some snowpack tests. CTV Q1 on a 15cm soft wind slab followed by consistent CTM Q2’s 55cm down on a crust. We got a Rutschblock score of RB4 MB on the 55cm layer. This all matched up pretty well to the info we had gathered from the bulletin and the current weather observations we were making.

The turns down the Sherbi were the best of the season so far. Great powder skiing and fun fun fun! Still a couple course left this season. If you’ve been thinking about it, well, now is a great time to sign up!

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