Level 1 AIARE Avalanche Course 2-18 to 2-20

Over President’s Day weekend we were able to have John Kascenska come over from Vermont to co-teach, allowing us to open enrollment to 12 students. We spent the 1st two days at the Highland Center in Crawford Notch with a mixture of classroom and field sessions. On a very chilly President’s Day we toured below Tuckerman Ravine, investigating the snow conditions around Hillman’s Highway and the Little Headwall. I wasn’t too trigger happy with the camera this go around, but here you go!

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One of our attendees was avid outdoorsman and blogger Phil Werner. Phil took close to 200 pics and some video during the course and will be writing a piece associated for the course soon. Check it out on http://www.sectionhiker.com!

Only two courses left this season that are not full! Get the details here:


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