Private Ice Climbing, Frankenstein Cliffs, 3-11-23

This past Monday I got to swing the tools with Martin, a former EMS store employee from New Jersey and a regular guest of the North Conway EMS School location. Martin has climbed with just about every long-term guide we have, except me, until now! We enjoyed very comfortable temps and soft climbing conditions to climb Walk in The Forest and Standard Route. Standard was a hoot as we cruised it in 1 hour flat. I’m sure the rain has done some serious damage which I’ll assess Friday when I head back out for another ice climbing course before the weekend’s avalanche course starts on Saturday!

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2 thoughts on “Private Ice Climbing, Frankenstein Cliffs, 3-11-23

  1. Actually, Dave, we did climb once before. But it was rock, on Cathedral Ledge, and I think it was 2005, so your memory lapse is forgiven. I had a great day. Thanks for the “speed record” on Standard–and for inspiring some good technique on my part! – Martin


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