Private Rock Climbing, August 9th 2012

Yesterday I had the pleasure of climbing with husband and wife Eric and Elizabeth. This Pennsylvania couple was excited to get introduced to the sport with aspirations of caving and canyoneering out west in the near future. Throughout the day they had lots of good questions and were fully engaged in learning. Both were quick studies and despite a slightly late start we put in some mileage!

Whitehorse Ledge
Looking down at the first belay on Beginners Route, Whitehorse Ledge
Looking good!
Looking down Pitch 2 of Beginners Route
Erik rappelling from the top of pitch 3
On our way down
Elizabeth learning about crack climbing technique on Kiddy Crack, Cathedral Legde
Glad to have reached the top of this one!
Erik learning the power of the layback!
Elizabeth getting one more climb in on the Thin Air Face

The weather was just perfect with enough overcast to keep us relatively cool. We even tried our hand at bouldering on the way back to the car. I could tell these 2 had found a new hobby to pursue and look forward to helping them reach their climbing goals in the near future!

One thought on “Private Rock Climbing, August 9th 2012

  1. Pitch #2 of Beginner’s is one of the most memorable and the archetypal White Horse pitch. Kiddy crack is an impressive route for a new climber too!

    These NH routes with names like “Childs Play”, “Beginner’s” and “Kiddy” keep us motivated to someday graduate to routes not named after toddlers. But don’t let the names discourage you, when you travel to distant crags you’ll be pleasantly surprised 😉


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