A Day With Kismet

I try to volunteer at least 1 day a summer to the Kismet Rock Foundation. Kismet Rock Foundation (KRF) offers comprehensive courses in rock climbing and mountaineering to children who, because of financial limitations, would not otherwise have access to such an education. Today was one of the last days of a 4 year crew of 15-16 yr. old kids. They’ve attended 1 week a summer for 4 years and graduation was right around the corner.

Gearing up at the base of Cathedral Ledge
Adam stylin’ Bombardment
3 Kismet kids on Upper Refuse after we finished Black Lung
and Matt

The 4 of us climbed Bombardment to Black Lung, and finished up Upper Refuse just as it hit 91 degrees. As always climbing with these kids was a blast and I’m looking forward to squeezing another volunteer day in before the end of the season. Please check out their mission in the link above and see if you would like to support them!

After saying my goodbyes I got to check out the new decent trail Mike Jewell just told me about. Great 12 minute walk back to the bottom

New Descent Trail

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