2-8-09 Private Ice Climbing Course

Good friend and regular client John D. came up for a long weekend of climbing with some friends from CT. I was lucky to get John to myself for Sunday. We didn’t get too many pictures because we were too busy climbing most of the plastic routes in the Amphitheater but here’s some of what we did…


John topping out on Chia
John topping out on Chia


John with an organized belay on Hobbit Coulior
John with an organized belay on Hobbit Couloir

It was a great day considering it was during the Ice Fest, which usually means big crowds and long lines on popular routes. We also got a slightly earlier start than usual, meeting at 7:30 to beat the crowds, despite the morning rain. The ice on everything was plastic and we enjoyed Bob’s Delight, 3 variations of the Cave Route, Chia, and the 1st pitch of Hobbit Couloir before calling it quits. It’s nice to hit the Moat Mtn. Brewery after 600 feet of vertical ice at 4pm isn’t it?

Here’s a vid of me leading Bob’s Delight and John climbing Cave Route;

Before you watch it, be warned with no dedicated camera man you are destined for one non-changing view and a semi-bland video experience…


John eyeing pitch 2 of the Hobbit...
John eyeing pitch 2 of the Hobbit...



John, as always, thank you for an awesome day in an awesome place. Climbing with you is always fun and enjoyable! To the next climb!

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