A Sore Neck, Wet Snow and a Taste of Camp 1 for Fredrik Sträng | K2 2017

Exciting read of Fredrick Strang’s K2 Expedition! Thanks Base Camp Magazine for sharing my review!

Base Camp Magazine

Getting over a sore neck, traversing unnaturally wet snow and finally getting a taste of Camp 1, Fredrik Sträng’s K2 2017 Expedition has turned out to be eventful early on, but plans are still on track for the summit.

DISPATCH # 6 Fredrik Sträng K2 2017

Since arriving at K2 Base Camp on 27, June, the expedition started off with minor delays, those usually attributed to life on K2. On 29, June, Fredrik and his climbing partner, Ali Musa, attempted to reach C-1 but snowfall and heavy winds forced them to abandon their plan, so, at Base Camp, they remained, but not idle.

According to Sträng, harboring yourself in your tent when bad weather dictates a delay is a bad idea.

I have seen it so many times before on big mountain expeditions when the weather is bad, people hide in their tents. Not only is activity paramount for keeping…

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One thought on “A Sore Neck, Wet Snow and a Taste of Camp 1 for Fredrik Sträng | K2 2017

  1. Thanks for Sharing! It has been an eventful expedition for Sträng. Your reviews are on our list of preferred sources, so we recommend your site to others and I know each time someone reads them, they are taking helpful knowledge with them when they leave. You’re doing great work!


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