Tech Tip: Tying a Munter-Hitch on the carabiner

Following last week’s tech tip of how to tie a clove-hitch on a carabiner this week we will look at tying a Munter-Hitch on the carabiner. With any new skill we must answer the “why bother” question. Here’s why tying a Munter-Hitch on the carabiner can improve your climbing:

  1. The often mentioned “You’ve dropped your belay device and need to belay your second directly off the anchor” explanation… totally valid, but there are other reasons!
  2. Efficiency! If you don’t need an auto-locking belay method* the Munter is super fast to build when tied onto the carabiner saving the party time.
  3. Versatility! The Munter works great on iced up ropes when ice climbing and wearing thick gloves… no need to pinch a rope through a small plaquette opening when your hands are starting to go numb.

Here’s a quick video demonstrating the technique:

*The auto-locking Munter-Hitch video will be posted next Tuesday!

Thanks for watching!

See you in the mountains,

Northeast Alpine Start

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