How to Plan a Hut Trip: Practical Advice That Will Save Your Bacon

Some great advice from Rob Coppolillo of Vetta Mountain Guides via the Brooks-Range blog!


So you and your crew have reserved a hut, made time for an adventure, and you’re ready to get going—lucky you! Pulling off a fun, lower-risk hut trip requires some planning, though, so let’s dive in and think ahead to your ideal trip.

hut trip 5

Your Crew

A beautiful hut, plenty of food, and epic snow should all mean a wonderful journey ahead, but don’t discount how important the chemistry of your crew can be. If three chargers want to go huge, build kickers, and ski their legs off while you and your best bud from college just want to catch up, lounge by the fire, and read Danielle Steel novels (hey, don’t knock it), your group may end up with different ideas about “the ideal” hut trip.

Discuss your goals, fitness levels, and abilities before you head into the field. Including new or unfamiliar people to your group isn’t necessarily a…

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