Jackson Hole Mountains Guides Explore Backcountry Rescue


Responsibility in the backcountry takes many forms. Having the right tools when misadventure strikes can be the difference between a manageable task and a nightmare. Anyone who has ever gotten injured or broken a piece of equipment knows that being even a mile away from the trailhead can be a disaster to get out safely.

Photo courtesy of Jackson Hole Mountain Guides. Photo courtesy of Jackson Hole Mountain Guides.

As part of their new ski mountaineering camp, Jackson Hole Mountain Guides introduces their students to several additional tools one should familiarize themselves with when taking on bigger or more remote objectives in the mountains. As part of their classroom time, JHMG guide Mike Poborsky lays out a Brooks Range Ultralite™ rescue sled, while touting the values or personal preparedness that come with more ambitious pursuits. For more info on the camp and/or real-time education on Brooks-Range products, go to JHMG.com

Let’s back up. No one wants to…

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