Winter Climbing 101- Cathedral Ledge 1/29/16

Today Jacob & Dominic joined us for a 101 Winter Climbing Course. Jacob is working on his NH 48 4000 footers and hopes to head out west for larger goals in the future. Dominic has a mountaineering girlfriend who has multiple trips to Rainier and is taking him to the Andes soon, so he was here to get some instruction and start building those skills!

ice climbing new hampshire
Jacob practices Self Arrest on the Cathedral Auto Road
ice climbing new hampshire
Jacob learns the difference between “French” technique and “International” technique
ice climbing new hampshire
Dominic starts climbing Grade 2 ice using a combination of techniques we have covered
Jacob provides a solid belay
Dominic goes over the edge on his first ever rappel

Both Jacob & Dominic were enthusiastic students and I can tell they’ll be continuing their mountain education with passion.

Tomorrow starts the 3rd AIARE Avalanche Course of the season so stand by for updates on that program and see you in the mountains!



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