Colonial Knife Product Review

Read on for a chance to win one of these great knives!


A fellow guide introduced me to this knife early this past winter and while I was originally from the “a knife is a knife” camp I have come to see that not all knives are created equal, and in fact this one stands out above the rest by quite a margin. The one-handed operation of this blade needs to be seen to be understood and for that reason I put together this short product video:


Super Lightweight


Convenient one-handed lock-ability

Lifetime Warranty/Made in USA


A bit bulky for inside pocket carry; not a real issue considering it is either on my harness or in the top pocket of my pack. It does fit well in the coin pocket of my jeans.

You can order through their website here, but check back here soon as I have been told a discount code might set up for my readers.

PRODUCT GIVEAWAY (Drawing on May 26th, 2015)

There are multiple ways to get an entry in the drawing for one of these knives ($69.99 value). You can get up to four entries into the contest!

1) Like this post through WordPress below

2) Comment on the post below (what knife do you use?)

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4) Like the video on YouTube here

Entries must be in by 11:59PM EST on May 25th, 2015. We will draw the winner from all entries on May 26th.

Congrats to bearbait2016 for the winning entry!

Thanks for reading and see you in the mountains!


Disclaimer: While this knife was provided to me at no cost my opinion on its features and performance are certainly my own formed after 20+ days ice climbing and back-country skiing with this in my kit.

20 thoughts on “Colonial Knife Product Review

    • Thanks for commenting, Dad. I should say in all fairness though family members are not eligible for the contest (though I think you may be getting one of these for Father’s Day anyways so don’t be too discouraged).


    • Wow that’s a classy looking knife Jacob! Indeed the serrated blade makes cleaning tat-nests a breeze!


  1. I use a leatherman squirt, although it sounds like you’re doing much more rugged manly things than me! (Ice climbing? I’ll stick to backpacking.)


    • Thanks for commenting! I do carry a Leatherman in the winter as the tools come in handy for binding repair, but it’s a bit heavy for rock climbing. And you should give ice climbing a go, modern tools & clothing make it quite enjoyable… some of the time 😉


  2. Sweet knife! Thanks for the review. I use the trango piranha knife. It’s very small and lightweight with a serrated blade and it can’t be opened when a carabiner is clipped into its carry hole. It’s rather small but given I rarely use it it’s perfect for my needs.


    • Thanks for sharing that knife Matthew! That one is definitely designed with a climber’s needs in mind…i.e. built-in bottle opener 😉


  3. Hi Dave, I carry an Edward Whymper Belay Knife that I got at a NE Ropes clinic (swag) many, many years ago. Weighs under 1/2 oz, the blade(sharp) retracts into the handle. 3 1/4″ closed, 5 1/4″ open, and 5/8″ wide. Great for cutting tat or weighted ropes 😉


  4. I’ve had a small Spyderco knife hanging off my harness for over ten years; its lightweight, has a serrated blade to make cutting cord and webbing easier and is always with me. Like an earlier poster, I also carry an Opinel wooden handled knife in my pack and have since my first trip to the French alps over 4 decades– it is lightweight and better than the Spyderco for slicing salami and cheese for lunch ( French habits die hard!)


  5. I carry a Kershaw, Ken Onion Chive Switchblade. It’s considerably heavier than this one and no serated blade but It does have a lock closed safety.


  6. I have an old Benchmade that I carry for daily carry and in my station wear at work. I have variation on a German paratroopers knife for my turnout gear which is easy to work with gloves on. For ski patrol and backcountry, I have a spyderco with a clip on the button end with a slide release to unclip it one handed with gloves on which makes it great for work at height.


  7. […] For a rugged belay glove they fit my medium sized hands quite well, and the neoprene velcro cuff made them feel secure when in use. The convenient carabiner hole in the cuff is also substantial enough that there is no fear of of the carabiner attachment failing (unlike some models that just sport a thin sewn loop). I carry these on an oval biner’ that sports two prussic’s, a micro-ascender (Petzl Tibloc), and my knife. […]


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