New Name, New Address, New Features! NEAlpineStart is LIVE!

For years I’ve wanted to give this blog a make-over. A more creative name than… firstnamelastname at WordPress… a better Product Review Page (check out the new Guide Tested page), a connection to other great climbing websites out there (page under construction), and today I finally had the time & motivation to get it to a point where I felt I could push “publish”.

In the past this blog has mostly been a place where I could summarize days guiding and upload photos for clients to access the fun we had in the mountains. It will still be that, but will also be more focused on something every climber & skier is passionate about. Gear.

Also a “how-to-guides-tips-and-tricks” section is in the making. While tying a one-handed clove-hitch might not help you break into 5.11 it definitely looks cool.

NEAlpineStart is also now on Facebook so please give us a Like there. If you are into gear then definitely subscribe, here’s a quick list of what I’ll be reviewing over the next couple of months;

Dynafit Denali Skis

Black Diamond Dawn Patrol Pants

Black Diamond Convergent Shell Jacket

KINCOS Gloves <- so in love with these thanks to NEClimbs Review

Ortovox Avalanche Beacons, S1, S1+, Zoom

And a LOT more… so please Subscribe, Like, Share, Comment, etc… I am stoked to get this blog out there to more people who tear it up in the North East, whether on rock, ice, or snow, we’re all enjoying the ride!

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