AIARE Avalanche Course 1/31/14 – 2/2/14

Just wrapped up an awesome 3 Day AIARE 1 Avalanche Course. Conditions couldn’t be better with reactive Wind Slab, Storm Slab, and Persistent Slab all making an appearance. 13 inquisitive and engaged students helped contribute to a very productive 3 days ending today with an excellent field day in Tuckerman Ravine.

EMS Schools Avalanche Course

Getting ready for a range check on our beacons

EMS Schools Avalanche Course

Mike talks about measuring slope angles on Mt. Willard, Crawford Notch

EMS Schools Avalanche Course

AM Trip Planning at Pinkham Notch Visitor Center

EMS Schools Avalanche Course

AM Trip Planning at Pinkham Notch

EMS Schools Avalanche Course

Beacon Checks heading up Tuckerman Ravine Trail

EMS Schools Avalanche Course

Getting close to Hermit Lake

I took a minute at Hermit Lake to review the shovel I have been using this season:

EMS Schools Avalanche Course

Staying warm?
EMS Schools Avalanche Course

Check out the pencil hard slab that failed under 1 finger slab while a student was digging out his chimney…

EMS Schools Avalanche Course

Positive Tilt Test results

Some cool Compression Test Results, not sure why I am having an issue embedding these at the moment so for now here’s the link:

EMS Schools Avalanche Course

Our high point, just to the right of the mouth of Right Gully

EMS Schools Avalanche Course

My field notes from the day

Avalanche Awareness course tomorrow followed by an Observatory Overnight this weekend, and our one and only AIARE 2 course the following weekend. Two big storms in the forecast, so things should be exciting!

About David Lottmann

David has devoted his entire adult life to climbing - pushing his grade on recreational objectives and working as a professional mountain guide. After a stint in the United States Marine Corp, he was hired as a rock and ice instructor and since has expanded his repertoire to include alpine, skiing and avalanche education. David is an aspirant Rock Guide through the American Mountain Guide Association [AMGA], an American Institute for Avalanche Awareness and Education [AIARE] Course Leader, holds a Wilderness First Responder [WFR] and is a volunteer member of Mountain Rescue Service [MRS] and Androscoggin Valley Search and Rescue [AVSAR]. In his free time, you will find David blogging, mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, skiing, sharing micro-brews with friends or in the kitchen working on a new recipe in his home town of Conway, New Hampshire. He resides there with his wife, Michelle, his son, Alex and daughter, Madalena.
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