Rock Climbing Fast Track Program 7/27/13 – 7/28/13

What a fantastic two days! It was obvious from the beginning that Mel & Kyle have a serious adventure streak (Kyle proposed to Melanie on Mount Washington after a summit climb), and they select birthday and anniversary vacation destinations based on what outdoor sports they can do while there… my kind of people! We started off on Day 1 working on Slab/Multi-pitch technique over at Whitehorse Ledge. We climbed 4 pitches of Standard Route before rappelling down, grabbing some lunch, then working on some crack climbing on Beezebub and Seventh Seal.

Day 2 brought us over to Cathedral Ledge where we rappelled the Barber Wall then climbed a very memorable Upper Refuse, followed by a scenic lunch atop Airation Buttress and some top-roping/gear clinics down at the North End to finish the day.

It was a perfect 2 days of climbing, and I’m pretty sure Mel & Kyle are hooked as they were checking our shoes and harness from the store while I was heading home. I’m pretty sure I’ll see them back on the cliffs in the near future!

For information on the Fast Track Program go here:

4 thoughts on “Rock Climbing Fast Track Program 7/27/13 – 7/28/13

  1. Thanks so much for an awesome experience Dave! You already have us hooked…harness, chalk bag, carabiners check! Shoes and some rope are next 😉 Hopefully the next time we are able to climb with you little Alex will be showing us a few good moves!
    P.S: Pics are great!


  2. Hi David, I climbed White Horse with you last year. I want to do it again this year — and bring some family and friends. I am thinking of six climbers including myself … a couple of “first timers” but people who are in good shape and strong. How would we do something like that and how much would it cost? We are thinking either the first or second weekend in October. David Murray 949-542-9685

    Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2013 22:30:02 +0000 To:


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