8-31-10 Rock Climbing at Square Ledge

Mark and his family joined us for a day on the rocks this past Tuesday. Mark remembered climbing with the EMS Climbing School 18 years ago and wanted his wife and daughter to get to enjoy the experience as well, so off we went!

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I had an really nice time climbing with you guys. Whitehorse Ledge is next!

One thought on “8-31-10 Rock Climbing at Square Ledge

  1. Hi David,
    Thank you so much for such a memorable day. You are a fabulous instructor and we are looking forward to our next climb. We drove up to Whitehorse Ledge on Thursday and of course, Mark has already started planning our next trip (hopefully, you’ll be around). Although, I am secretly wishing for the kayaking instruction next. Be well, best wishes to you and your wife.
    Anely, Mark and Alexis

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