1-13-10 and 1-14-10 Overnight Winter Camping

Tanner took a three day mountaineering course with us a few weeks ago. You might spot him in my blog from climbing Willey’s Slide. He expressed an interest in completing a Presidential Traverse, which is quite an undertaking in winter! To prepare him for that type of a trip we started with an overnight below tree-line.

The access road was gated a mile from the trailhead, so we started our hike there.

Flat terrain made traveling quick... a good warm up while snowshoeing...

After reaching the trailhead it was another mellow 2 miles to camp, at Shelter #1.
We opted for sleeping in the three walled shelter and settled in for negative 15 degree temps...
The next morning came with clearer conditions and we broke down our camp after breakfast...

Tanner got used to the weight of his pack, as evidenced by a quick hike back out to the trail head. We are planning on an overnight at or above tree-line soon, followed by a full on Presi-traverse later in the season! Stay tuned, and see you again soon Tanner!

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