4-24-09 Mount Washington Ascent

Despite rock climbing last week the Mountaineering Season is not over! I had the great pleasure of guiding David and his 9 year old son Griffin up Mt. Washington today. Griffin is the youngest person I have seen climb Mt. Washington in these winter conditions and he did an incredible job! The Winter Lion’s Head route was in very rough condition and made for some challenging climbing. Slush on top of water ice with some steep wet rock. We prevailed though, and were rewarded with calm winds above tree-line and some fantastic glissading conditions. Be sure to enable High-Def on the top right of the video. Hope you enjoy the slideshow;

3 thoughts on “4-24-09 Mount Washington Ascent

  1. the movie was awesome. Thanks so much

    from griffin

    This is Griffins sister. The climb looks fun and hard. I want to climb mt. Washington next year.I might be your youngest climber.Im just 7.

    From Caverly

    Im torin


  2. This is awesome! What a beautiful day you guys had- Griffin, I am a proud peacock watching this and knowing what a big climb this was. Great job, everyone, and thanks David for putting together such a great snapshot collage of what was most surely a spectacular day.


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