Useful Websites Zone

Here I list a few resource websites that may come in handy for the North East climber. Let me know what I am missing at or comment below!

Mount Washington Observatory


Barely a day goes by that I am not on this website reading the often humorous Observer Comments, catching the High Summits Forecast, and checking out the great webcam network. I also have the Current Summit Conditions and Mesonet bookmarked on my iPhone for reference while in the field.

Mount Washington Avalanche Center


During the winter this is another daily browsing stop while the coffee is being pressed. Updated avalanche conditions are a must if heading into that terrain, and reading the bulletin daily helps you understand the seasonal snow-pack in a way that promotes better trip planning. Their “Pit” is a cool resource but their YouTube Channel has seen a lot of cool updates as rangers share their field observations to help us figure out the best places to ski & climb.

NEClimbs Logo

Here’s a website many may say I have spent way too much of my time on. While that is probably true it is a great resource for local conditions and discussions, heavily centered on the Mount Washington Valley scene. Just stay clear of some of the hungry trolls.


Covering the greater North Eastern area this site is specific to ice climbing. This is probably the best resource to get an idea of how the ice climbing season is shaping up just by visiting the recent photos page or conditions forums.

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