Avalanche Course

Winter has definitely arrived and the 4th avalanche course of the season concluded with a very interesting day in the Ravine. Light density snow from the higher summits has accumulated into pencil hard wind slab with varying thickness, all sitting on top of a thick melt-freeze crust from last week’s thaw.

Morning Trip Planning Session
Trailhead Beacon Function Check
Updating our route options at Hermit Lake
Skinning up into the bowl
Kicking steps up to Right Gully
Checking the layering at about 4,400 feet
Another avalanche course heading to Left Gully
Wrapping up our observations

At the end of the day we got some nice turns in some fresh powder before taking the Sherburne trail back to Pinkham. Couple spots left for next weeks course! http://www.emsclimb.com/aiare1.html

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