2-26-10 thru 2-28-10 Level 1 Avalanche Course

I must admit that while flying back from Colorado I was pessimistic about the snow we would have for this upcoming avalanche course. Almost two weeks with nothing but warm temps and zero precip had given us a very un-interesting snowpack. Luckily, the week before the course started a storm came and dumped four feet of snow in four days on Mt. Washington and in the Notches, giving us some very cool conditions to take an Avy Course.

We practiced our rescue skills close to the AMC Highland Center in Crawford Notch...
We conducted some snowpack tests on the recent storm snow on the flanks of Mt. Willard...
The next day we skinned up the Tuckerman Ravine trail. It was pretty obvious there was a lot of new snow, as I had never seen the trail-side branches create a tunnel like this before.
At Hermit Lake, Brian Johnson, one of the snow rangers, talked to us about his job and the current danger rating "Considerable" that was in most areas in and near the Ravines...

Visibility, and current snow conditions, allowed up to get close to the floor of the ravine to make some observations...
After digging some pits we paused for a group photo before heading down a very well conditioned Sherburne Ski Trail. Sorry, no pics, I was busy enjoying the Pow Pow.

Another great course and another good group of aspiring backcountry snow savy travelers! Thanks to each of your for being a part of this course!

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