12-28-09 Mount Washington Climb

For my first trip up the rock pile this season I got to climb with Kel, Carl, and Jerome. These life-long friends were a fun group to hike with. With moderate winds and “normal” visibility we made it to the top and back to the car with a bit of daylight left, and some sore muscles.

After a 2 mile warm up hike we put crampons on at the base of the steeps...

Kel tackling some steeper terrian...

After breaking tree-line we climbed towards the "Lion's Head"...
On the summit cone we had typical visibility!
First summit photo of the season!

Thank you guys (and gal) for a great day on the hill! Your jokes were funny, teamwork top-notch, and positive energy contagious. Hope to see you all back for some rock climbing next summer!

2 thoughts on “12-28-09 Mount Washington Climb

    • You are very welcome, thanks for checking out the blog! See you next summer and Happy New Year (from the summit of Mt. Washington)!


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